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Jul. 14th, 2005 @ 05:42 pm Time to cross "take girly survey" off my list of things to do before I die... haha
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Well I've never seen a guy do this before, and I probly never will, so maybe I will be the first. I spose I can get away with it though since OBVIOUSLY I'm not a homo. . . and it's always good to try EVERYTHING at least 1 time before you die..... well... maybe not everything...

01.) Name:: Cory
02.) Middle Name:: Ronald
03.) DOB:: August 1st, 1988
04.) Age:: 16 for about 2 more weeks...
05.) Location:: Kewadin, MI
06.) Eye Color:: Sometimes blue, sometimes green... they're chameleon eyes.
07.) Hair Color:: Dark Brown
08.) Hair Length:: no clue... I don't measure it.
09.) Height:: 5'11"
10.) Shoe Size:: 11.5 - 13... depends on brand
11.) Glasses or Contacts:: Neither
12.) Braces:: Never
13.) Single or Taken:: Taken =)
14.) Bad Habits:: Muy Impaciente (but I'm praying about it and starting to change it.)
15.) Fears:: that's for God, myself, and maybe my best friends to know...
16.) Screen Name:: ERSnowboarder20

::_**_:: School ::_**_::

17.) Where Do You Go to School:: ELK PRIDE!!! WHOO HOO!!!
18.) Whats Your School Mascot:: ELK
19.) Whats Your School Colors:: Orange and Black
20.) Whats Your Favorite Subject:: Something lit or math.
21.) Whos Your Favorite Teacher:: Deffinately Mrs. Sayer and Mrs. O
22.) What Do They Teach:: Social Sciences and Lit and English
23.) Who Sits Next to You In Math Class:: I sat behind Jared Gamelin

::_**_:: Love Life ::_**_::

24.) Do You Have a Boyfriend:: hahahahahahahahaha
25.) Whats There Name:: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
26.) How Long Have You Been Together:: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
27.) Do You Have a Crush:: Can this one be on a girl?! Actually it's more than that.
28.) Do They Know:: Of Course!
29.) Have You Ever Broken Someones Heart:: Unfortunately
30.) Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken:: haha. . . where's the band-aids?

::_**_:: Favorites ::_**_::

31.) Animal:: Sam (my cat)
32.) Color:: shades of blue
33.) Person:: God
34.) Subject:: Lit or Math
35.) Season:: I think I like them all but spring... because spring in MI sucks!
36.) Holiday:: Christmas!
37.) Hobby:: Playing my guitar
38.) Sport:: Football!
39.) Feeling:: Unconditional Love
40.) Saying:: I can't write it... it's a way of saying something....
41.) Word:: Scrumtrulescent
42.) Month:: December or maybe January
43.) Clothing:: Shorts that you can wear more than one day in a row and no one notices... hehe
44.) Jewelry:: my earing
45.) Food:: Probly Sesame Chicken and Fried Rice or Mrs. Hanna's AWESOME CASSEROLE!!
46.) Snack:: Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips

::_**_:: Friends ::_**_::

47.) Best:: hmm... GOD FIRST, then Elizabeth, Josh, Janie, Angela, Mandy, Brittany, Pat, ok.... there are too many... and those aren't in any particular order except God's my number 1!
48.) Daringest:: Honestly it would have to be me and Josh... we do some crazy stuff...
49.) Funniest:: Janie or Mandy
50.) Tallest:: Pat
51.) Shortest:: Jenny
52.) Loudest:: JANIE x 10000000 haha
53.) Shyest:: Mandy or Pat...
54.) Smartest:: Elizabeth
55.) Blondest:: Anna, Ali, Britni all rolled into one haha
56.) Craziest:: Angela
57.) Nicest:: They're all pretty nice.. but Jenny is like UNREAL! haha
58.) Sweetest:: Elizabeth!
59.) Weirdest:: Deffinately Mandy... or maybe Baker.
60.) Flirtest:: Mandy

::_**_:: Have You Ever ::_**_::

61.) Had a Wish Come True:: Yes
62.) Had a Dream Come True:: Yes (what about had a prayer come true... i'm gunna add that.)
62&1/2.) Had a Prayer Come True:: OF COURSE!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!
63.) Broken a Body Part:: Too Many!
64.) Fallin’ in Love:: Most Deffinately
65.) Done Something You Regret:: Unfortunately
66.) Tripped and Fell in Public:: Not only did I trip and fall... I did a front flip and landed on my butt.
67.) Sang in Public:: yup
68.) Cryed in Public:: maybe when I was really little...
69.) Kissed Someone Besides Family:: ...noooo.....maybe.....
70.) Been in a Car Crash:: Yup. It hurt.

::_**_:: The Last ::_**_::

71.) Thing You Did Before Getting on the Computer:: Read my bible
72.) Person You Yelled at:: Maybe my dad...
73.) Person You Hugged:: Angela
74.) Person You IMed:: Manders
75.) Time You Cleaned Your Room:: Not a clue.
76.) Song You were Listening to:: Mae - Suspension
77.) TV Show You Watched:: The Amanda Show
78.) Movie You Watched:: Big Daddy
79.) Time You went to the Movies:: whenever I went and saw The Longest Yard. Great Movie.
80.) Time You Cryed:: That's a tough question.
81.) You Took a Shower:: Earlier this morning

::_**_:: This OR That ::_**_::

82.) Coke OR Pepsi:: Coke all the way.
83.) Tall OR Short:: Shorter than me.
84.) Flowers OR Candy:: Giving or Receiving? Probly Flowers... I'm not big on candy.
85.) Math OR English:: BOTH!
86.) Blink 182 OR Sugarcult:: Sugarcult
87.) Mickey OR Minnie:: Mickey.
88.) Middle School OR High School:: NEITHER! I NEED COLLEGE!
89.) Boyfriend OR Girlfriend:: I love you Elizabeth!
90.) Single OR Taken:: Taken!

::_**_:: Word Association ::_**_::

91.) bead:: ummmm.....
92.) bed:: comfortableness
93.) sexy:: Gross.
94.) phone:: 1 in the morning.
95.) tough:: MY GIRL!
96.) neato:: Pretty Patters... hahahahahahahahaha
97.) leather:: is disgusting.
98.) weird:: science.
99.) so:: weird. I miss that TV show!
100.) easy:: Video Game Difficulty level.
101.) test:: God
102.) nerd:: Brennan haha
103.) falling:: ready and waiting to fall... (Mae)
104.) air:: flying with you.
105.) hot:: the stupid air!

::_**_:: Random ::_**_::

106.) do u sleep with a stuff animal:: Nope, just a sweatshirt.
107.) do u like snowballs:: LOVE THEM!
108.) are u in school:: For 1 MORE YEAR THANK GOD!
109.) do u like to swim:: LOVE IT!
110.) are u funny:: That's not for me to decide.
111.) wut do u think of water:: LOVE IT!
112.) are u a blonde at heart:: Not at all.
113.) have u ever been to maryland:: It's possible, though not likely.
114.) have u seen “chasing liberty”:: Actually... yes. haha
115.) are u happy this survey is over:: I'm indifferent.

Peace Easy, God Bless. haha that was funny....
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